MagicBus @ Shivaji Park from November 2013 - Ongoing

The air was filled with an electricity that was never seen before by the Podar IBDP students. With their call of "Pilello", the Magic Bus instructors grasped the attention of the IBDP students like little children when they mentioned little children. Since that moment, the students have all been looking forward to the long awaited Magic Bus Activity.

As they set foot on the open ground, they spotted a large group of smiling, excited children impatiently waiting for them to arrive. The feeling they experienced when they were welcomed, almost like superheroes, was exceptional. Our students started introducing themselves to the Magicbus kids with the same zest they had bubbling within themselves. After the encounter, the children were divided into groups of three and two of the students were assigned to each group. That is when the fun began!

Three groups for three different activities. The first group kicked off the fun with football. It was great to watch the kids enthusiastically explaining the rules of the game while our students encouraged them and replied with tips to help them play better. Once they began playing it was tough to pull them away for a water break. I do not think any of us have heard so much laughter at once.

The second activity consisted of dodgeball and another rural ball game. Our students watched and joined in the fun as the children urged each other. The second activity, consisted of a new game for our students, but the kids made them feel right at home by teaching them to play. The rules were simple, if the player held the ball they were not allowed to move; however, the two teams had to hold the ball and bring it in contact with an opposite team member to get them out. Hence, the ball was being passed around as the area was filled with enthusiastic shouts and screams. The students of our school were so engrossed in the activity that it was unbelievable to watch them play like small children.

The third activity came into play when the groups exchanged activities again. This time, the teams passed the ball to each other and made ten rounds of contact. This involved a great deal of coordination between our students and the kids and we engaged in a lot of friendly competition, motivating all the children. Finally, they played The Spider's Web, where all of themheld hands, and the instructor jumbled us up by meandering the train of children through gaps and crooks, while they had to think of ways to untangle themselves. The best part was the children instructing our students how to untangle this human knot as our students marvelled at their quick thinking and helped them solve the puzzle.Never before had our students enjoyed a more electrifying experience.

Students planned and initiated activities with the NGO, Magic Bus kids