The International Leadership Learning Programme
"The Leadership of Change & Change Management in School Programme" (14th June - 18th June 2009)

The International Leadership Learning Programme has honoured Podar International School to host the 15 principals from the UK Schools for a week who were here to study and understand the Change and Change Management Model used in Podar International School.


Rob Freeth

Like Andy, I too found our visit to be a wonderful experience. It far exceeded expectations in terms of what I gained and learnt from it, the insights it provided and the positive relationships that were built within our group and with our hosts. Above all it provided me with valuable knowledge and understanding regarding the importance of leadership in creating an organisational culture which supports change.

Paul Scutt

I learned a great deal from the visit. I agree with Rob that the success story for Podar was built on the following:
Driven leadership from the Principal and her team with a clear and shared vision and absolute clarity of purpose.
An international curriculum which fits the needs of learners and is valued by very supportive parents.

Margaret Whelan

It almost seems like it never happened now and yet only a week ago we were in Mumbai. It was a fantastic experience and one which I wouldn't have missed for the world. I've shared a selection of photos with colleagues and children at school and everyone was really interested in what we'd done. Not that the photos told the whole story, like Andy says you really needed to be there.

Lenny Lewis

The trip to Mumbai was certainly a memorable experience. I found the schools to be extremely well supported by parents, a key factor in their success. The presence of faith and family was also a primary driver in their success. Vandana and her team were amazing hosts and they stayed true to their first assembly's message of 'The guest is God.'

Chris Twiby

First of all I would like to thank our hosts for a fantastic week, it really surpassed all of my expectations and it has been difficult for my colleagues here to comprehend the warmth that was shown to us by our Indian counterparts. I agree with Margaret, sat here in rainy Middlesbrough on a miserable Friday, it feels like the trip never happened.

Ian Walker

Before the visit I thought that the 'Change Management' title was very focused and, to my mind, very restrictive. I wanted to go to Mumbai and soak up everything about the Indian education system in the short time we were there and then 'cherry pick' the best bits for my present school and my new school in September. Reflecting after the visit, I think the change management focus was quickly swamped by this intense experience.

Leslie Howes

Hi, I don't know about you but my feet haven't touched the ground since I returned from Mumbai. What a fantastic visit. Isn't tht feeling when you are completely overawed by an experience just wonderful. I learned so much and met some fabulous people, it was definitely one of the highlights of my career. I think what I found so moving and motivating was the way that the rhetoric and the reality were joined.

Sue Flanagan

I'm still processing our visit, such a lot seemed to happen in such a short time, then straight back to the day job! Not really much quality time for reflection this side of the holiday I fear. My questions are:
• How does consultation about curriculum change take place?