August 15 students v/s Parents debate

Bridging Communiction Gap

11th August, 2012 saw the school doing their bit to bridge the communication gap between students and their parents. There was an interesting debate on `Is communication through the digital media hampering face to face communication?' Students, not surprisingly, spoke for the digital media and their parents spoke against them. The Principal, Dr. Vandana Lulla played mediator between the two sides. It was interesting to note that students felt that they communicate much more effectively and often through face book, twitter, mails & text messages. Parents, on the other hand, were of the opinion that the digital media, while being quick and effective also created isolation and were dangerous for impressionable minds who communicated freely with absolute strangers.

The school mediated their view points by pointing out that digital media were here to stay and part of progress. It is the parents' responsibility to supervise and counsel their wards and meet them more than half way to bridge the communication gap.